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Watch: Painless Dental Visit for a New Crown in a Day

Julia’s dental crown in a day using CEREC® 3D Technology


I arrived at Pathway Dental one Saturday morning with the promise of a new crown safely created within one day. I was greeted with a smile and a reassuring welcome at reception.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of visiting the dentist (who is?) and from awful childhood experiences was nervous. Any reservations or nervousness I felt, were soon dispelled as I was greeted by Doctor Soon Jee.

Dr Soon Jee clearly explained exactly what was going to happen. In my first appointment of the day, my old silver metal filling would be removed from the tooth and the tooth would be prepared for a new crown. I had previously visited Pathway Dental for a hygiene visit and X Rays as a check-up. The old-style metal filling was both ugly and slightly compromised. It was advised I had a new crown fitted to protect the tooth long term from any root canal issues.

There were no painful injections. Simply a numbing gel was applied inside my cheek, so I didn’t feel the anesthetic being applied at all. I mean it. No pain. No sensation. It was so easy and comfortable. As I watched the TV on the ceiling, in the state-of-the-art dental clinic, Dr Soon Jee prepared my tooth for the new crown.

It took about an hour to completely prepare the tooth and to take a mold so that I could have a temporary crown, just for a couple of hours, while the new crown was being milled.

Pathway Dental has invested in the latest CEREC® 3D Technology which includes a digital scan being taken before and after of the tooth and the surrounding area. This digital scan gives a completely accurate and detailed image of where the new crown would sit.

Dr Soon Jee showed me the digital images before and after his prep work. I felt very involved in the whole process, informed and comfortable with the expert work that he was carrying out.

Traditional crowns involve using gloopy molds which are taken of the tooth. These are then sent away and a crown is created. Obviously, during that process, there is room for small tiny deviations to occur between the mold and the crown that is then produced. Using the digital scan of my tooth and creating the crown there and then in the clinic, on a precision laser machine, takes away that room for error. I had been through the traditional process a few years ago and found the taking of the mold really uncomfortable. Plus, I then had to wait a few weeks before the new crown came in.

Although my new crown would be ready within a couple of hours, a temporary crown was placed over the prepared tooth just for my own comfort while I went for lunch.

I was fascinated by the whole process and was allowed to watch the laser mill my new crown. You can actually see in the reception at Pathway Dental, your new crown being milled there and then!

Pathway Dental Cerec Crown In A Day - New Crown

I was then invited to leave the clinic for a couple of hours, whilst the expert skills of Dr Soon Jee were put to the test as he matched the colour of the new crown to my other teeth.

Dr Soon Jee was very particular with this colour-matching and in fact, redid the whole process just to ensure that the new Crown looked as natural as possible and matched the rest of my teeth.

I returned for a short 30-minute second appointment that same day, had the temporary crown removed and the new crown fitted. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I started the day with an ugly flat, old silver filling that covered most of the tooth. When I laughed or spoke it was very visible. Now I have a very natural-looking crown and importantly my tooth has been protected for the long term.

The whole team at Pathway Dental was supportive and very kind. From the dental nurse and the receptionist to Doctor Soon Jee himself, I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve since had a follow-up phone call, just to check that everything was OK. From start to finish the whole experience has been exceptional.

My childhood fears of visiting the dentist were misplaced. I felt safe. I felt my best interests were put first and the before and after photos speak for themselves. Many thanks to the whole Pathway Dental team.


Pathway Dental Cerec Crown In A Day - Before & After

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