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DIY Teeth Whitening vs Professional

Teeth whitening has become a popular way to improve your smile – a bright, white smile can really improve your confidence. With the plethora of DIY teeth bleaching kits now available it’s very tempting to give one a try for yourself, but before you go ahead, check out the pros and cons, and what you need to know about DIY teeth whitening vs professional methods.

DIY kits: the pros

At-home DIY teeth whitening kits are certainly cheaper than going to the dentist, the bleach used is less concentrated so less likely to irritate your gums, and it’s more convenient as you can whiten your teeth at home.

At-home kits are best for dealing with mild surface stains such as those caused by food, drink, or smoking. Due to their lower concentration of whitening chemicals, they may also better suit people with sensitive teeth or gums.

DIY kits: the cons

DIY bleaching kits are a one-size-fits-all option. The tray may not effectively fit your mouth, so the product may not be evenly applied to every tooth, leading to uneven results.

Their lower concentration means you may only achieve a couple of shades of whitening and you will need to repeat the process to achieve a result.

DIY teeth whitening kits can’t correct discolouration of non-live teeth, such as implants, crowns or veneers.

There are also lots of products to chose some, some working better than others, so you may waste some money trying to find a kit that works for you.

Your best option is to see a dentist who will provide professional teeth whitening to a high and safe standard.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Types of professional teeth whitening

There are two main methods of professional tooth whitening – laser whitening and custom-made kits to take home.

Laser teeth whitening

For the biggest improvement in the shortest time, laser teeth whitening can brighten your teeth four full shades in just minutes. With laser teeth whitening, a hot, blue light is used to speed up the gel’s effects and allows the dentist to monitor the whitening progress.

Custom take-home kits

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, you may be advised to use a custom-made take-home kit that uses a less concentrated gel. The bleaching tray is custom-made to fit your mouth and instructions individualised to help you achieve the shade you desire, for a much better result than DIY kits. This is one of the most popular and effective methods for whitening your teeth.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening

Having your teeth whitening managed by your dentist will ensure you get the best option to suit your needs. They can also advise you of any risks and ensure the process is safe for you.

Unlike DIY kits, dentists can also whiten false teeth, crowns, implants and veneers to match your natural teeth, for a better result.

Professional teeth whitening is faster and gives much better results than consumer whitening products.

If you want whiter teeth, why take a chance at not getting the smile you really deserve? Call our experienced cosmetic dentists on 03 366 8866 today.