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Welcome all!

Welcome all to our very first Pathway Dental Blog post. We will endeavour to make post regularly about topics regarding dentistry and dental health. Any blog will only be effective and successful if there are readers out there and it is you readers who we would love to hear from in response to our blog posts. Feel free to asks questions or leave a comment on any of our posts as we would like your active participation in it too. Do let us know if there are any specific topics in dentistry or your dental health in which you would like us to cover too. Once again on behalf of the team at Pathway Dental, WELCOME!!!.

I thought we can start the ball rolling on our very first post by elaborating to you about a dental examination or more commonly known just as a dental check up.

One of the most regular dilemmas which many dental patients encounter is of course toothache. In the majority of cases, toothaches occur due to prolonged damage which a tooth sustained and we are talking about months here. Not days or weeks. The tooth would have been allowed to be damaged over such a long period and eventually once the damage affects the nerve, it can sometimes be too late for treatment. Don’t get me wrong when we use the term “allowed to be damaged over such a long period” as we by no means are pointing any fingers to anyone. The most common reason these teeth are “allowed to get damaged over such a long period of time” is because nearly in all cases, the patient is unaware of the presence of the damaged tooth in the early stages.

We wish our bodies come with an alert system such as cars which can alert us when something is not right (eg. engine temperature problems, brake system failing etc). However, the closest system our biological bodies have is by just alerting us when there is pain and as mentioned earlier, it is usually too late by then.

As a civilisation, human beings work together to constantly improve our living standards and quality. Within the medical field itself, many forms of examinations and assessments have been developed in order to improve our overall health. The dental check up is one of the many forms of medical assessments which have been developed over the years and its main purpose is to help people stay dentally fit. During your dental check up appointments, multiple evaluation s(eg, visual assessment, x-rays, temperature tests) are done to ensure that your teeth are in a good condition. Any problems detected will be addressed immediately so that you can then be aware of them and be provided the available options to fix the problem. Just like for any medical conditions, early detection of a problem will allow you the best available options while save in treatment cost.

PS: Does this scenario apply to you? You haven’t seen a dentist for a long time and suddenly a tooth breaks or causes pain. You call a dentist up asking to get an appointment to fix the tooth. You are then advised to get a check up first. If you’ve ever wondered why, stay tuned for our next blog post where we will elaborate in more details why a thorough initial dental examination and proper treatment planning is important.

That’s all for now.